OTTAKRINGER „Uns kannst du gern-haben!”

Ottakringer is not just good beer. Ottakringer is good beer from Ottakring. And since Vienna is known to be different, so is this beer brand. Because we’re not bitter, we’re better. Open to diversity and all tastes, we have a message for you out there – whether you’re necking or spilling us – “Uns kannst du gern haben!” (“We’re your most likeable beer!”)

As the beer for everyone, we’re always on the same level as the people. When it’s hot, we go cold. When you’re single, we got a couple. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Viennese original or not – we’ll draw from the full to make you smile. Because this campaign goes down like a freshly tapped beer. But beware: We’re far from the end of the beer flagpole! Stay tuned.